Alex | Greens Organic Cafe, Sarnia

Alex is the baker for Greens Organic Cafe, Sarnia's only vegan establishment. She is a down to earth girl who loves helping friends, rescuing animals, and enjoying the great outdoors. We played on the same hockey team and once I found out she was vegan, I had one of those 'Did we just become best friends?' moments.

Animal lovers unite! 


Along with baking at Greens, she also works as a veterinary technician, a job she describes as "dedicated to helping domesticated animals and practicing the best possible medicine to keep them healthy." When talking about her job, she described how there is "an oath for Veterinary Technicians stating that [they] must provide excellent care and services to animals by alleviating animal suffering". 

One day Alex realized the hypocrisy in dedicating her life to saving animals while causing others to suffer through her food and lifestyle choices. She realized that all animals are living beings that feel pain and love, so she asked herself an important question: "Why love some (dogs and cats), but eat others (pigs, chickens and cows)?" So she went vegan. Go Alex! 


Alex says that in her daily life, she constantly strives to be a better person and to implement a brighter world for everyone to enjoy.

She's one heck of a baker + person and I wanted to celebrate it all - so I took some photos of her doing her vegan thang and asked her some questions about her lifestyle. 

Q. What is the best part about being vegan? 

Alex: The way you feel. Not just physically (I have so much energy), but also emotionally. I now have the peace of mind that I didn't harm and end a life in order to enjoy something as simple as a meal. Plus, vegan food is so yummy!  

Q. What can you recommend to the readers who want to adopt a more peaceful lifestyle?

Alex: I think everyone should watch nature documentaries like Planet Earth and Frozen Planet. They show how beautiful and peaceful our world is (without human intervention), and they remind us how important it is that we all take actions to preserve the land and the many species that we share it with. 

'Eating Animals' by Jonathan Safran Foer is a great read. Jonathan spent three years researching factory farming, discovering how food gets from farm to plate, and searching for ethical animal husbandry, only to find out that it simply does not exist.

The book discusses our eating habits and how they are influenced through things like folklore, pop culture and family traditions and how we come to allow ourselves to justify such a brutal ignorance.

The book ends very profoundly: “If nothing matters, there’s nothing to save". That's a strong sentence. We really need to stop being so blind to what goes on behind closed doors and start taking action to save our world.

Q. What has been the hardest part about being vegan and how do you get through it? 

Alex: People think it is hard, but really it isn't. Living a vegan lifestyle is simply about changing some of your habits. With all of the animal friendly products and companies nowadays, it is very easy to be vegan. People are becoming more conscious of what they eat and where their food comes from, making it easy to enjoy vegan food while dining out. There are tons of great vegan restaurants like Greens popping up all over the world! More and more people are realizing that veganism is necessary for a healthy future and I believe that a peaceful, vegan world will exist very soon!

| photos: Tosha Lobsinger is my Photographer |