Activism + Apparel


Hi - I'm the girl behind Peace People Project
Here's a bit about myself and my inspiration for this project:

Over the years, my enjoyment of nature led me to valuing health + wellness over chasing money, and to climbing trees instead of social hierarchies. Inevitably, about half a decade ago, this lead me to veganism: an appreciation of and respect for all life. 

I think the natural world is magical! I like to spend my time exploring mountains, swimming in oceans, and saving animals. I aspire for a future where we all live more gently and spend more time outside. 

I believe we can do better for the earth by living minimally, using things until they're broken (and then fixing them), and always sourcing from existing materials before creating a new demand for production. I believe we can do better for the animals by freeing them from human control and by speaking on their behalf every day. 

The Peace People Project was born out of a deep love for our world and a yearning for peace for all beings. Between adventures and activism, I now frequently visit local thrift shops to source previously-loved pieces of clothing, so that I can create shirts to advocate for a better world without harming it in the process.

I care about our world and I think it's rad that you care, too!

Tosha Lobsinger