Vancouver Anti-Fur March Was Powerful AF

This past weekend, Vancouver activists marched in solidarity with Toronto and New York City animal rights groups to let the public know that fur is cruel, unnecessary and unacceptable.


With the recent opening of a Canada Goose storefront in Vancouver, and the fact that Canada Goose kills up to 15 animals per jacket, this was inevitably one of several stops on the march. We marched throughout the Pacific Centre and made further stops at Holt Renfrew, Winners and at Nordstroms (who locked their doors in response to us).


We marched, chanted (‘THEIR FUR - NOT OURS’, ‘IT’S NOT FASHION - IT’S VIOLENCE’, ‘WHAT DO WE WANT? ANIMAL LIBERATION! WHEN DO WE WANT IT? NOW!’), and gave out pamphlets with information about the cruel fur industry.

Many people gave us nods of approval and accepted our message.


Many others walked by in Canada Goose jackets, demonstrating body language of shame or embarrassment and hiding their faces (ironically behind the dead animals on their hoods).

Do you have a jacket with fur, down or other animal materials?
Have you thought about the inherent suffering that your purchase has caused?

Asking yourself this simple question is a great way to start thinking about this issue:
Would you wear your dog?


As consumers, we can abolish this industry by:

1. Not purchasing clothing made from animals (boycotting fur, leather, wool, angora, silk, etc.).
You can also shop for vegan alternatives like Wuxly, but the ultimate cruelty-free jacket is a vegan one that already exists - check your local thrift shops!

2. Removing the fur trim and label from your existing Canada Goose jackets to avoid promoting and marketing their cruelty to others & donating your fur trim to a nearby animal shelter or sanctuary to provide comfortable bedding for rescued animals. If you need help locating a space to donate your fur trim, contact me and I will help you.

3. Trading in your non-vegan jacket for a vegan alternative. Wuxly offers up to $275 off their animal-free jackets when you trade in your down-filled and fur-lined jackets. They have partnered with homeless shelters across Canada to give these donated non-vegan jackets to people in need.


What more can you do?

Join Vancouver Fur Animal Save or your local animal rights groups, attend future events, and make our voices louder and stronger for the animals.

Tell your friends and family: #FURISDEAD and you will NOT support it.