Cube of Truth Marathon | Vancouver

I joined Anonymous for the Voiceless for a 3 day cube of truth (+ wall of truth) marathon at a busy transit station in Vancouver on the final 3 days of 2017. 

We shared powerful footage of industry-standard (yet rarely seen) factory farm and slaughterhouse procedures and had educational conversations with the public as they watched.  

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Why I love the cube of truth:

When Paul McCartney said "If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be a vegetarian," vegetarian was the word for vegan. What he meant, and what is so true, is that if animals were being abused outside of the windowless + camera-banned concrete walls of slaughterhouses, the injustice would be exposed and people would reject it. 

The cube of truth shows people what's happening to animals worldwide, at all times, and behind closed doors. It's the truth - and the truth will set you free.  


As people got off the subway/bus and walked by this busy intersection (Cambie + Broadway), they were drawn to our display and curious about our message. 


Most people were shocked to learn that:

1. 50% of baby chicks that are born are either ground up alive or suffocated in a plastic bag in their first few days of life, simply because they were born male and therefore are not profitable to the egg industry. 

2. Baby cows are taken from their mothers within a few days of birth so they do not 'steal' milk ($$$) from the industry, and they are then slaughtered for veal. 

3. Humans thrive on a whole-foods plant-based diet. 


I was grateful that we were openly and genuinely appreciated by the people we encountered. 

We were given many hugs. We were thanked over and over for our time and efforts, for displaying important footage, and for the conversations and resources we shared. We were completely respected on the streets of Vancouver. 


In the final 3 days of 2017, 77 animal rights volunteers worked together to reach crowds of people, with an estimated 360 individuals who were empowered and ready to embrace veganism after meeting us.

If you feel inspired, I urge you to honour your personal interest and embark on a wonderful pursuit of knowledge. Watch Earthlings at home and then make your way through the rest of these powerful resources:

Here's to living with compassion + truth on our sides in 2018! 

| photos: Tosha Lobsinger is my Photographer |